Agile Action Learning Set

Eleanor Gibson & Julia Begley - two agile coaches at Tilt - in discussion
Eleanor Gibson & Julia Begley - two agile coaches at Tilt - in discussion

Agile Action Learning Sets

Tilt’s Agile Action Learning Set is an exclusive peer mentoring program for leaders who are actively implementing agile ways of working in their charities.

Join 4-8 peers and together we will create a focused support network to harness guidance and new perspectives for your biggest challenges and opportunities.

We will create a safer space for open discussion and courageous problem-solving.

Get fresh ideas and ongoing support

We will get together online regularly to harness the collective knowledge, skills and experience of other people doing similar work to you. 

Through a mixture of expertly facilitated in-depth pair coaching, mentoring and case clinics you will:

  • Create a supportive space to dig into your biggest challenges, opportunities, worries, and ideas in more depth.
  • Leave with encouragement, accountability, and valuable learnings from others.
  • Gain fresh ideas, diverse perspectives and multiple options to try.

This is for you if:

  • You are looking to build deep connections beyond your organisation with folks who are embedding agile ways of working.
  • You’re looking for a safer space for open discussion and courageous problem-solving.
  • You’re looking to elevate your coaching skills.

I LOVE the mastermind group. We’ve really bonded. Speaking to other people outside my organisation brings a fresh perspective. The group ask supportive and probing questions which make me think differently. It’s reassuring and I’m glad I made time for it in a busy week. It’s a group I feel privileged to be a part of.

2024 Participant

Here's how it works:

  • We will meet online for 2 hours every month over 6 months. (Dates and times will be agreed by the group).
  • You will be expertly facilitated by Tilt.
  • Your investment is £885 +VAT per person for the whole 6 months. (Can be split over 3 payments).

Your group leader is Amy Shepherd

Amy Shepherd will be expertly facilitating this group. She is an Organisational Psychologist and senior level facilitator with over 20 years’ experience in the purpose-led sector.

Amy is an expert in guiding teams through change and has acted as a change agent to support high profile change programmes such as Cancer Research UK’s move to the world-class Francis Crick Institute.

Amy is an experienced Action Learning Facilitator and has facilitated numerous groups at Head and managerial level at organisations including the BBC, Marie Curie and the British Red Cross.

She will be there to guide you to have deep, impactful and safe conversations.


This group is for people who are embedding agile ways of working inside their charity and are looking for in-depth workshopping of the challenges you’re facing. 

It’s for you if you are looking to build deeper connections beyond your organisation with a small group of people doing similar work to you. You’ll build bonds over many months, supporting each other through courageous problem-solving.

This is also a great place to elevate your coaching skills and build your ability to give and receive feedback well.

As part of an Agile Action Learning Set you will be part of a much smaller, more committed group of people. You’ll meet every month, build deeper connections and get much more time digging into your unique challenges and opportunities. 

Where the Charity Agile Leaders Club is open to anyone embedding agile in their charity, this is an exclusive group coaching programme.

We cover whatever topics the group feel are most important at the time. Previous groups have explored questions like: 

  • How do I share responsibility for embedding agile across my organisation so it’s not just on me?

  • How do I create a business case for an agile strategy role?

  • What does a great agile handbook for my organisation look like?

  • How can I carve out time for the important stuff when there is a lot going on?

  • How do I build my resilience? I feel like I’m drowning in work. 

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