Facilitation skills for change makers

Lianne and Eleanor two charity facilitation experts talking to camera
Lianne and Eleanor two charity facilitation experts talking to camera

Facilitation skills for change makersTM

Become a facilitation specialist to unlock your ability to drive innovation and change across your charity.

Want to be confident facilitating cross-organisational meetings that deliver innovation and change?

Join our enhanced training for a small group of charity people. You’ll leave confident leading meetings and workshops which:

  • Deliver progress and action.
  • Drive forward change.
  • Enable innovation and improve agility.

The course cost is £599 +VAT.

 I’ve been putting into practice so much of what I’ve learned! The last two weeks I’ve been running workshops with the help your planning tools. I’ve also been using techniques I learned to make sure everyone’s on the same page – useful when there’s an air of uncertainty!

My favourite part was definitely the online sessions. They were a live example – teaching by setting a great example. Hearing more from others, their challenges and their approaches to their own circumstances was also valuable. I’ve learned tonnes!

Headshot of Melissa Colack who completed the facilitation skills for change makers course
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Melissa Colack
Senior Transformation Delivery Manager BRITISH RED CROSS

This course is for charity change makers tasked with driving innovation and change.

Are you leading change within your organisation? 

Whether it’s delivering innovation or embedding agile ways of working, knowing how and when to bring people together is key to your success. 

We’ve developed this course to give you kickass facilitation skills so that every meeting you run accelerates progress and increases your impact. You’ll leave with the skills and confidence to lead meetings that are energising, inclusive and deliver the outcomes you need. You’ll be ready to confidently adapt when a meeting goes in an unexpected direction. 


For just £599 +VAT this enhanced course includes 3 live online workshops, plus:

  • 6 interactive, self-led online learning modules.
  • Tailored coaching from expert charity sector coaches.
  • Downloadable playbook of key tools, tips and takeaways.
  • 2 new bonus lessons on managing challenging stakeholders and conversations.

About the Instructors

Learn with highly respected non-profit sector coaches.

Jess, Eleanor and Lianne have coached over 30 charities to facilitate transformational meetings. They are all charity people, so they understand your needs and challenges and have first-hand experience of what works in your world. All three are facilitation experts ready to share the practical advice they have given over and over to the purpose-led organisations they support. 

Learn through 6 modules

This course blends 3 live, online workshops led by Jess Higgins-Rusch with 6 online, self-led modules that include video, audio, reading, interactive exercises and handouts. You’ll be part of a small cohort of learners from non-profits. 

1. Set your goals

Set your personal goals. What is facilitation? Facilitation as a mindset. Your role as facilitator.

2. Starting well

When not to have a meeting. Planning frameworks. Choosing the right meeting starter. Stakeholder engagement.

3. Interactivity

Using activities to deliver your outcomes. Inclusive facilitation. Responding to challenging conversations.

4. Ending well

Making the meeting stick. Getting to decisions. Preparing for action. Evaluation and feedback. 

5. Agile meetings

Principles of working in an agile way and what they mean for facilitation. Leading great agile workshops.

6. Commit

Flex your skills on and offline. Problem solving. Build your confidence. Put your learning into practice.

Summer 2024 course dates now live!


Following 6 SOLD OUT cohorts:

June 2024 course is now taking bookings!

  • Course runs 26th June to 10th July 2024. 
  • Live, online workshops will take place on Wednesday 26th June, Wednesday 3rd and Wednesday 10th July 2024. 10am-12pm UK time.
  • Join the waiting list


This course provides a foundation in facilitation skills for anyone who wants to lead meetings, workshops and conversations that deliver decisions and action.

It’s perfect for anyone in charities or the public sector looking to build their confidence ready to lead impactful meetings.

The course is 3 weeks long. For each week of the course, please protect the 2 hours for our live workshop together. You will also need to block out 3 hours in your diary to absorb the tools, techniques and templates from the online course. Throughout the course you will be applying your learnings to work you’re already doing.

When you sign up to the course you’ll get a document to share with your manager and team to get their support in protecting your learning time 🙂

You will join roughly 8-10 folks from other charities; large and small, UK-based and international. You will build a close bond with your coursemates ready to continue to support each other after the course.

Yes! If you want to book on multiple people from the same charity then we we will be happy to discuss an additional discount. Get in touch and we’ll send you more details. 

Portrait-style image of Carmen Barlow

The toolkit you have taught me has totally transformed the way I run meetings. I have upgraded my facilitation skills from a skateboard to a Mercedes!

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Carmen Barlow
Head of Communications and Engagement
Amnesty International UK

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