Social Tech Trust Case Study


From corporate foundation to impact-led start up

Logo for the charity Social Tech Trust

The Social Tech Trust is a mission-led startup, but it hasn't always been that way.

In May 2018 the Social Tech Trust spun-out from a large corporate foundation to become a small impact-led startup.


This required significant changes to their governance, team, culture, business and operating models. They asked us to support them to cultivate a startup mentality needed to adapt and generate sustainable income – fast.

We needed to help them evolve their culture and ways of working to match their ambition to be:

"A dynamic, transparent and empowered environment focused on delivering value."

We did this through:

  • Leadership coaching for their CEO and Operations and Finance Director.
  • Coaching the team to start working in agile sprints where they co-created goals that would achieve organisational priorities and assigned the work required to deliver them.
  • Empowering the team to run regular reflection sessions where they identified how and where they could work differently, and then committing to actions to deliver that change.

The changes to our culture and ways of working have played an important part in getting us to where we are now; an independent charity standing on our own two feet. 

We are now poised to accelerate our impact by working with more partners and launching a £30m investment fund.The board are delegating more and the team are taking more responsibility for creating and delivering against objectives that will build our sustainable business model.

Logo for the charity Social Tech Trust
Hannah Keartland
trustee, social tech trust