Tilt's logo with white text on a blue background
Tilt's logo with white text on a blue background

We are Tilt

We empower purpose led organisations to adapt, innovate and thrive in today's world

We are charity people who demystify digital ways of working

Eleanor Gibson

Tilt founder and coach, Eleanor is an innovation influencer in the third sector. She combines her experience and infectious enthusiasm to use Lean experimentation and Agile ways of working to unlock creativity and growth.

Julia Begley

Julia is an experienced User Experience (UX) researcher who has worked in charities and agencies across the sector. She specialises in remote facilitation and is dedicated to bringing the whole team along with an idea.

Empowering clients by providing flexible and bespoke coaching, tools and support

Digital and innovation coaching for leaders

Bespoke 1:1 coaching for digital and innovation leaders. Expert leadership coaching for those who are leading organisations and teams to work differently to deliver new things.  We bring examples and experience from across the sector to help you supercharge your impact.

Agile Transformation

Expert guidance for leaders and teams embedding Agile ways of working, whether in their teams or Agile Transformation across their organisation.

Whether you are research and evaluation, marketing, HR, programme development or fundraising we’ll coach you and your team to become more adaptable, user focused and deliver more with less.

Design Sprints

Everyone talks about design sprints – but what are they? Design sprints are an impactful way to uncover what your users want quickly, reducing time and effort.  We break down what a design sprint is, what that could look like for your organisation, and quickly get you running your own design sprints.  Don’t be put off by the language, we can help.

Charity Agile Leaders Club

Every month we run a FREE and friendly meet up of like minded leaders striving to make a difference within their organisations. Each month we choose the topic together, and create a space for leaders to connect and learn from each other as they lead their organisations to be more adaptable. If you would like to join this powerful and inclusive community of leaders, we’d love to hear from you. 

Enabling purpose led organisations to adapt, innovate and transform

The work you have done with us has been a complete transformation and exceeded my expectations in terms of improving ways of working and beyond; we have better planning and communication, greater integration across work streams, more effective and considerate collaboration and a general lift in morale and productivity. A huge success!

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Carmen Barlow
A portrait-style photo of Sarah West

I’ve just come out of a fantastic morning of brainstorming with Eleanor about how we can run things differently in the third sector. She is so inspiring! If you are looking for someone to make you think outside the box and be grounded in great strategy this is the person to talk to.

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Sarah West

I have spent much of the last 18 months having my mind blown by Ele and her team. Her approach to problem solving, creative thinking and innovation expertise has provided me with inspiration, confidence and new skills to apply to my own work.

It would not be an overstatement to say that working with Ele has transformed how I approach project management and broadened my horizons regarding how great teams can work together to change the world.​

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Andy Punter
A portrait-style photo of Jessica Nugent

Our first session with Eleanor was mind blowing. Literally that was the catalyst for everything else that has come since. We saw her do more in that 30 minute meeting than we would do in a whole team away day.

That’s when we saw the possibilities of working differently. How to quickly harness good ideas, and let go of what’s not working. Eleanor also created a network around us – suddenly we’re surrounded by charity innovation experts and peers.

We’re treading new ground and thanks to Eleanor we feel like we know what we need to do. I meet people and think ‘Oh, they need to know Eleanor’.​

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Jessica Nugent