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Lianne and Eleanor two charity facilitation experts talking to camera
Lianne and Eleanor two charity facilitation experts talking to camera

Facilitation for ImpactTM

Online Course

Deliver more impact for less effort with kickass meetings

Facilitation is a superpower that can unlock you and your team’s ability to make decisions, innovate and build team culture. 

Learn how with us. 

Prices start from £199 per learner.

Headshot of Ben Holt IFRC

My team are spread across the globe – from Equador to Italy. This course enabled us to come together to take our facilitation skills to the next level. Our organisation has come out stronger, with a new found confidence and a shared approach to facilitation. 

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Ben Holt
Global Lead for Strategic Foresight
International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies

Who is this course for?

Frustrated by a lack of progress or decisions being made in meetings? Attending too many sessions that go off track? Or simply tired of Zoom call after zoom call?

Knowing when and how to bring people together, both online and offline is key to enabling your organisation to be more adaptable and responsive.

In this course you’ll learn the essential skills to improve your facilitation to deliver the impact you want. Whether that’s co-creating a new idea, bonding a new cross-functional team or facilitating your first agile reflections session.

What's in this course?

On completing the course, you and your team will be ready to: 

  • Bring a facilitation mindset to shape group dynamics
  • Assess when and how to bring people together
  • Respond to, rather than control your participants’ needs
  • Integrate interactivity into meetings, choosing great meeting openers and endings
  • Run great agile workshops and agile ceremonies

You will leave with a range of practical tools, templates and handouts that you can dip into whenever need. Plus the confidence to adapt your style and plans to both online, offline and unexpected events!

About the Instructors

Eleanor Gibson & Lianne Howard-Dace

Eleanor and Lianne are experienced innovation influencers in the third sector, and have worked with an exciting range of charities from established big hitters like Cancer Research UK and Christian Aid to startup charities like Bankuet and Social Tech Trust.

Eleanor and Lianne have taught these skills to hundreds of people and have adapted the content to the both online and offline.

They’ll reveal everything they’ve learned about being exceptional facilitators. And share the practical advice they give over and over to the purpose-led organisations they support.

A photo showing Lianne Howard-Dace and Eleanor Gibson talking while facing the camera. This is a screenshot from the facilitation course

What you will learn

This online, self-led course blends videos, audio, reading and interactive exercises to teach you the essentials of facilitation.

Module 1

What is facilitation? When and how to bring people together. Design and delivery. Holding space.

Module 2

Starting well. IDOARRT framework. Check ins. Ice breakers. Creative warm ups. Team builders.

Module 3

Getting interactive. Planning interactivity. Inclusive facilitation. Easy and effective activities.

Module 4

Ending well. Playback and capture actions. Make the meeting stick. Evaluation and feedback.

Module 5

Agile ceremonies. How to make use of different agile-inspired sessions in your work. Daily stand ups. Reflections sessions. 

Module 6

Bringing it together. Flexing skills on and offline. Building confidence. Problem solving.

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The toolkit you have taught me has totally transformed the way I run meetings. I have upgraded my facilitation skills from a skateboard to a Mercedes!

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Carmen Barlow
Head of Communications and engagement

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with Eleanor to arrange an informal chat to answer any questions and share our free taster workshop!

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